VISIONS Hair & Esthetics Academy Inc

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Private Career College, Newmarket, ON

Have a look at some of our graduates!

Cristina Monopoly

Congratulations to Cristina Monopoly!  Cristina has had an amazing journey here on her path to success Cristina is already a Jr. Stylist at a local salon! Cristina shows amazing talent and will definitely go far. We are sad to see her leave but will be watching her and routing her on! We wish you the best and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey!

Alisha Vaughan

Alisha is an achiever! Super organized and strives for perfection we were so happy to watch her skills and confidence grow throughout her time here.  Alisha showed great team building skills. She is one amazing lady and we wish her all the best! Congratulations Alisha!

Isabella Palmieri

Congratulations "Bella" during your time here at Visions you proven yourself to be not just sweet but determined! Visions was very proud of all your accomplishments and how great of a team player you were, always there to give a hand or help others when not even asked! We know you will do well and you were a pleasure to teach.

Jessica Parks

Visions is proud to say not only were we able to train Jessica but also her sister! Jessica did a great job here and LOVES hair colour! She showed great knowledge in Redken and was eager to help others with her knowledge. We know that Jessica will do well and are proud to have been a part in her journey! Congratulations Jessica!

Ashley Mann..

Ashley worked hard to accomplish all of her tasks showing great ambition! Her Halloween entry was AMAZING! Way to go Ashley we are proud of you and wish you all the best in all you do! Congratulations!

Rith Keo..

Visions is very proud of Riths commitment and dedication to learning.  We know we will be seeing Rith both in competition and behind a chair creating with his own flare!  Congratulations Rith and we are looking forward to seeing you on stage!  Nice that you are working in a Salon of your choice and on your way!

Kacie DaSylva..

Kacie has quite the personality and spunk! She has shown a willingness to learn and a passion for styling!  We are very proud of Kacie and all her accomplishments, we wish her all the best in her current position as a junior stylist.  Congratulations Kacie!

Carmen Prince..

Congratulations to Carmen Prince! We wish Carmen great success at her new Salon as a Jr.Stylist!  Carmen has great skills in colour, cutting and styling. She worked hard while here at Visions and made a lot of life time friends.  Carmen Visions is very proud of you and will be watching to see you achieve all of your goals and wish you a lifetime of success!

Annalisa Giardulli..

Annalisa has a contagious laugh and outgoing personality that was welcomed by our clients here in the salon.  Annalisa is a whiz at up-doo styling and blow outs!  It was easy to spot her natural talent in these areas although she succeeded in all others!  We are proud of you Annalisa and know you are enjoying your new career!  Visions is proud to say Congratulations Annalisa!

Victoria Reame ..

Victoria's smile, sense of humour and client skills have launched her into a salon of her choice!  She visited this Salon before starting here as a client and loved it!  We are proud of Victorias accomplishments and hard work to achieve a paying position at a Salon of her choosing!  Well done Victoria we will be watching you as your skills progress and you gain many more achievements!  Congratulations Victoria!

Kathy Boer..

It was a pleasure to teach Kathy she is eager to learn and sees things out of the box!  She was always so excited to learn a new up-do and develop her braiding skills!  Kathy would always be willing to engage and help another student.  We wish her continued success, Congratulations Kathy!

Alexandra Stewart..

Alley has successfully completed Visions Hairstyling program.  She is excited to continue learning and growing in the industry!  Alexandra was a model for us during our Photo shoot! We wish her all the best but know with her quirky attitude and zest for life she will go places!  Congratulations Alley!

Sasha LePage..

Sasha has proven to be determined and diligent during her time here at Visions.  Sasha discovered she really enjoys cutting hair and putting her artistic flare into each client!  She completed the course with honours, and has a future as bright as she is. Congratulations Sasha! 

Neil Tushingham..

Neils flamboyant nature shines in all that he does! Neil's personality came second only to his desire to succeed, as he came to us as a blank canvas, ready and willing to learn everything asked of him. His passion for hairstyling is something to witness! Congratulations Neil!  

Luda Malamut..

Luda has a warm heart and great sense of humor!  Luda can always make people laugh and conquered more then just the course but also language!  Luda has worked extremely hard throughout her time with Visions making friends along the way, Luda is a strong and determined women.  We are all extremely proud of her Congratulations Luda!

Alaina Paul..

Alaina is also a Make Up Artist and throughout the entire program she did not miss a day of looking great!  Alaina's grandmother is also a stylist and I am sure quite proud of her accomplishments, as are we here at Visions!  Alaina maintained great attendance throughout the course and is all ready following her dream and working full time. Congratulations Alaina!

Brittany Brochert..

Brittany is extremely hard working and has proven an eye for colour! She can be quite the perfectionist and has came a long way in the program. Brittany is driven to compete and pursue advanced skills on all levels she has just completed Goldwells Mater Colorist Program!  Congratulations Brittany!

Santina Plati...

Santina has mad cutting skills! She took something that was her greatest fear and worked hard to make it into her strength! She has a beautiful smile and great personality we look forward to hearing from you on all of your future accomplishments, Congratulations Santina!!!

Holly Atkinson...

Holly transferred to Visions with her warm smile and great personality became a part of the family!  She has been a pleasure to teach and shown the most determination and willingness to learn she has grown into a great young stylist!  With her continued thirst for knowledge she is sure to have a long and rewarding career, Congratulations Holly!!

Alicia Young..

Alicia is a country girl at heart and worked hard to complete the program.  Alicia it was great to have you at Visions Academy and we know you are already on your way to a bright future in the industry! Congratulations to Alicia!!

Lauren Whipple...

Lauren is a soft hearted gentle caring student always concerned about others.  During here time at Visions it was wonderful to see her grow into a great young stylist watching her confidence form.  We are proud of you Lauren for all your accomplishments, Congradulations!

Renee Fitzpatrick..

Renee is a very punny student, her humour and wit were very uplifting to both students and clients. It is with great pleasure to announce that renee graduated with honours. Congratulations renee on your great achievements wishing you many more in your future. 

Kaitlyn Parks.. 

Kaitlyn came to Visions a Skills Canada Competitor from Huron Heights.  She had the passion from the beginning through her hard work and somewhat "sassy" personality she won the hearts of many clients.  Kaitlyn has fantastic talent and the drive along with the ambition to create her clients visions!  We wish her all the best and are waiting to see her career take her places as she is already working as a jr.stylist and doing well!  Congratulations Kaitlyn on your Graduation!

Congratulations to Lori Nielson

Lori has graduated from Visions with Honours!  Lori is a talented lady and won our 1st Cottage Dreams Fantasy Competition, Lori has been a real contributor to Visions with all of her photography skills, she has done most of the pictures on the site.  We at Visions know that Lori will just continue to grow in all areas of the Beauty Industry and will definitely be going on to Compete and open her own Salon!

Congratulations Emily Butler

We know we will be seeing Emily again soon and it's a good thing!  Emily's sense of humour and witty personality makes days fly by, a very talented young lady!  Clients will request Emily and Visions has heard from several clients she has a very outgoing personality and a good ear for listening!  Emily is quite skilled and already working in a wonderful salon we are quite pleased to know you are still in the area!

Congratulations to Louisa Elia

Louisa warm personality and contagious laugh was great to have around! Louisa is determined and worked hard but always had time for a fellow student that needed encouragement.  Louisa is a team player and excels at Braiding! She placed 2nd in our Fantasy Competition. We will all miss you but know you have more competition work in you and will see you again.

Congratulations to Nia Scarcelli

Way to go Nia!  Nia has been a pleasure to teach always eager to learn.  Nia has landed a job with a fantastic Salon and is on her way!  We will miss you, but look forward to your visits and seeing you grow to achieve greatness! Nia was always the early bird and maintained a great attendance smiling and happy a delight to be around!

Congratulations to Jessica Newman

Jessica has graduated Visions Hair Academy on April 28,2014.  Jessica it has been a long journey but you did it girl!  Jessica has worked hard to achieve her diploma and will excel in her future. She has been a pleasure to teach and maintained a steady clientele at Visions that just adore her!  We will see you soon I am sure. We have to say it has been an Honour to be a little part of your BIG BRIGHT future.....